Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an affordable choice of burial besides cremation and caskets. During the current economic downturn, it has been brought to our attention that many people are being forced to select cremation as their form of burial. It goes against their Christian beliefs in the Resurrection of the Body. The Resurrection of the Body is proclaimed in every church service via the Apostle’s Creed. With God rolling away the stone from the tomb on Easter morning, Jesus’ Resurrection confirms and teaches that reality. Being ready for the Resurrection of the Body during His Second Coming is the purpose of a burial. As the teachings of the Bible proclaims – the Resurrection of the body is the final gift – His present to be in His Presence when He returns to reign!

We are offering this age old concept of using coffins in order to give families a cost effective and attractive choice that was not readily available in the United States of America marketplace until now. EXODUS CoffinWorks, Inc.® is set up to mass produce each design. We are a fine piece of furniture, the final bed elegantly framing the true temple.

Our Vision

We want to think outside the box even though we are designing and making a box as our name states. A coffin is a basic simple structure that has been around for thousands of years.It has infinite possibilities in its conception and production.We plan to explore all functional possibilities and have designs for pre-burial use as well as an affordable burial product line.Yes, those will be more of a custom order to fit the area in which you wish to use them. Our coffins will soon appear in furniture stores being used in marvelous ways within the home. So be alert for all the future uses.We are about life – eternal life. It is a blessing to be living on this side of Jesus’ Resurrection. May all live a life honoring Him. Living in that manner will give all the hope of looking forward to their own resurrection of the body as promised.

Our Purpose

We feel it is important to put people back to work and have a “Made in the USA” product that is affordable, eco-friendly and attractive. We are most pleased that our coffin is made in North Carolina. We want to give families a choice. Many people are opting for cremation due to the cost of the larger, existing caskets being outside their budgets. Our coffin will give them a choice other than cremation or caskets.  Our coffins are smaller and lighter in weight.  We have addressed all issues facing the funeral industry in trying to make their load lighter. Our liner is special to the industry – quite comfortable is the comment from those who have tested it.  Truly the final bed.

Our Goal

Our end focus is to have a price point that is geared to those on a very limited budget.  We have met that goal and hope that the funeral industry honors the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) structure in place.  Our coffin can easily fit into a burial package that many of the funeral homes are now offering across the land.

Burials are important.  We know that God is Spirit and does not have a body but has given us one.  We house that same Spirit.  Our T-1 is known in the funeral industry as the anthropomorphic form.  As the Bible teaches “anthropo” = human; “morphos” = form, shape.  We are created in His image.  His Son assures us that the Resurrection is real and there will be a Second Coming for those that honor their faith.  We want to honor Him.

Our coffins are humbly made for the glory of God and to honor His Kingdom and teachings!