Our Patent Pending coffin liner stands above any other liner on the market today. Its unique eco-friendly design incorporates a soy-based foam covered in 100% cotton and meets all requirement for California 117 codes.

While traditional caskets combine a bulky plastic liner and heavy metal frame for display, our lightweight coffin liner requires no frame and allows the soy-based foam to cradle the body in position while reducing movement that might occur during transportation.

We have taken every opportunity to reduce waste with our coffin liners. The packaging has been designed to serve a dual purpose by first protecting the liner during shipping and then being used to cover the bottom of the coffin before the liner is inserted.

Proper display of the body is made easy through the specially designed pillow and amply supplied liner material. Each coffin liner comes with extra materials and bolsters that can be added and removed to achieve the desired height and position for display. The extra liner covering can then be tucked away down the sides and under the liner.

NOTE: If more depth is needed, there are options to give more depth either not to use the pillow since liner pad design automatically lifts head in proper display position or liner pad can be removed completely and just use the pillow.  Pillow is split so material can be added or removed to give proper display or additional room for lid closure.

Families may opt to use their own liner material which can be draped over liner pad or stand alone with the wood framing the body.